Registration form for the purchase of a software product

— After purchasing the Box a client pays service fees on a monthly basis in accord with rates available on OpenTrade Commerce website

— Link to OpenTrade Commerce in a website footer or OpenTrade Commerce logo and information about the Platform in the section “About us” of the client’s website is obligatory.

— When the Box code is modified by a client or a third party OpenTrade Commerce will not be liable for the Box functionality .

— OpenTrade Commerce will issue a refund for the price paid for it (the Box/module) upon written request sent to OpenTrade Commerce within fourteen (14) calendar days after making the first payment for the Box/module. We will refund to you 80 per cent of the Box/module purchase price. 20 per cent of the Box/module purchase price is non-refundable service charge.

— OpenTrade Commerce will not be liable for any changes in the Box functionality caused by changes in taobao API, in terms of payment systems operation, terms and conditions of logistics service providers’ and shipping companies’ activities, along with changes in any third party services operation.

— Agent who purchases a site with connecting to the logistic service, or connects his website to the Hub, has to read Terms and Conditions of working in Tradehub System document and confirm acceptance to comply with the rules before the application for connection to the logisticians.

— Full Terms of Cooperation are available on the OpenTrade Commerce website at

Legal form
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